Is Failure Actually Good For Success?

Is Failure Actually Good For Success?

For many years I have felt like a royal failure. It seems that just about everything I have tried in the last 4 or 5 years has tanked miserably.  I have faced self doubt, thoughts of feeling unworthy and unqualified.  When it comes to weight loss, I had actually failed repeatedly at weight loss for more than 30 years.  Then one day I got to dance and I realized I was on the right track.  The horrors I had experienced as a 500 lb woman in a wheelchair now gives me unlimited energy to be more than I was before.  I have lost 300 lbs and I am no longer in a wheelchair, but it took many failures before I achieved any success at all.  So the question is this, is failure actually good for success?


The word ‘failure’ make our hearts sink.

Failure is something that most of us are afraid of.  Most people do everything possible to avoid failure at all costs.  Failure might mean not winning a race or not achieving something, however;  it is vital that we do not become discouraged when we do not hit our targeted goals.

Some of the most successful people have experienced major failures. J. K. Rowling, world-famous author of Harry Potter, was rejected by 12 publishers before she finally got a break to publish her novels. Thomas Edison was told he was ‘too stupid’ by his teachers, he later went on to become a household name.


Failure makes you try harder

Depending on how badly you want something, failing can make you try harder. Whether you’re training to run a 10K and want to surpass your personal best, or you’re studying for an exam and aiming to get the highest mark in the class, falling short can make us try harder next time. While it can be discouraging at first, it’s important to remember that you cannot change what you’ve already done, but you can look forward and change it in the future.


Failure isn’t the end

With a few rare exceptions, there is always the chance to try again at whatever you’ve failed to achieve. Annual competitions will be held next year, exams can usually be re-sat the following exam season and sports can be played again and again. Failing several times can help you to realize that there will always be a second chance, and when you do finally succeed and achieve what you’ve been aiming for, you’ll feel a greater sense of satisfaction.


Failure gives more confidence

If you’re afraid of failing, this will prevent you from trying new things and seeing what you can achieve. This fear is the main reason that many people are scared of doing certain things, such as going back into education or learning a new sport. Dealing with failure can give you a massive confidence boost and encourage you to try new things. After all, everybody has to start somewhere!


So is Is Failure Actually Good For Success?

It appears so.


 About The Author:  Adrienne Igo has more than 20 years in the Recruitment Industry, she runs several small online businesses and is an online social and digital media consultant. Adrienne Igo once was 500 pounds and spent more than 7 years in a wheelchair before beginning a personal weight loss journey in 2013.  She went from a size 54 dress to a size 12. She currently has over 500 dance and motivational videos on YouTube.


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