What Candidates Really Want To Know

What Candidates Really Want To Know

I recently made a video and posted it to Facebook.  In the video I asked for suggestions for a new informative e-book series that I want to create in the month of November.  I had an idea of what I wanted in my e-book, but I will share with all of you what actual job candidates suggested for possible subjects in the new e-book series.

  • Tips of Finding Job Opportunities
  • HOW to get a job
  • Interview Techniques
  • Interview Questions To Ask
  • What Interview BUZZ words to use.

I was amazed that this is what candidates are hyper-focusing on. Apparently, their primary focus is “how to do well in the interview” phase of the hiring process.  So I realized immediately that this should be the focus of the new e-book.

There are already so many books already written on these subjects, that I was shocked that this is still the primary focus for so many people.    It is apparent that candidates literally want the words to use, the questions to ask, the techniques to implement, as well as where to initially find the jobs they desire.

Once I read their responses, I felt a sense of satisfaction that I created both Get Me A Real Job and Get Me A Real Career.   I now realize that candidates want more “hand-holding” type manuals for job seekers.

Questions for professional recruiters and those involved in the hiring and staffing industry:

  • What questions do you prefer to hear your candidates ask during the interview process?
  • Are there any particular buzzwords that you want candidates to use/avoid during the interview process.
  • What advice would you give to job seekers to help enhance their potential of landing the job?

Thank you in advance for your responses and participation.  You can comment on this article, or feel free to reach out  personally via our contact area.


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