2022 will be a year of change

It's Time To Level Up in 2022!

There is much change afoot, between THE GREAT RESIGNATION and an International Pandemic, the entire world has suddenly moved online.  Whether you thrive or dive has everything to do with preparation, education and the tools you have at your disposal.

It's not what you know,  but who you know may become an obsolete phrase, as we slowly move into a much more individualized compartmentalized private  lifestyle.

It is truly amazing to look at the job boards  and see that most of the jobs in 2022 are based ONLINE.  Of course traditional work still exists, but many people have stepped outside of the confines of their cubicles and have decided to stand for Independence.

The stand for Independence has left some businesses struggling to find the right employee replacements that are willing to work in spite of a life threatening pandemic.

With increased independence comes increased responsibility, because now the work pool primarily lives, sleeps and works  from home. This is vastly different than it was just 2 or 3 years ago.

If you find yourself lagging behind, I have several options for you to explore.


  1.  Whether you are seeking employment or seeking to hire, take a moment to discover the opportunities available to you,
  2. Take advantage of Luxe Lessons, there are numerous opportunities for courses and lessons from the pros who are succeeding .
  3. Take advantage of the vast amount of knowledge available in the Luxe Lessons Blog.