Small Business Extravaganza

Small Business Week Extravaganza

Are you a Small Business Owner?

Do you consider yourself an Entrepreneur?

How would you like access to a dynamic panel of expert presenters from a variety of industries? Could you get excited about that!!?

I have a very special yet very limited offer that I would like to make to all who view this article, especially Entrepreneurs and Small Business Owners.

There are a group of professional Small Business Owners who have created something called THE SMALL BUSINESS EXTRAVAGANZA and it will be held in Ohio.

The cool offer is this, I live in Seattle, Washington, yet I have received the VIRTUAL TICKET which gives me access virtually! It is a great opportunity for all who can travel to Ohio. Get your ticket (s) now:

Thanks to the magic of Virtual Attendance, you can now attend this amazing event for only $40. The regular price was $397, so it is an incredible savings. You will get to hear some of the best Small Business Experts, and gain knowledge to help you to be more successful overall as a business owner. Thanks to virtual attendance, we can attend this event from anywhere in the world!!! Click below and Choose the $40 Virtual Attendance option.

This is the event creator Shante R. Roddy appearing on local News promoting the event.

Get your “virtual ticket” to attend the WINNING IN BUSINESS SUMMIT today!

This is a power packed event that you will not want to miss as a small business owner. You will have access to a dynamic panel of expert presenters from a variety of industries. This includes keynote speakers who will empower and equip small business owners with the knowledge, resources and tools they need to WIN IN BUSINESS!

This will be a focused, interactive, and strategic workshop. The event will be Wednesday May 1st from 8:30 am – 5:30 pm

With a virtual ticket, you will be able to catch this event live via a virtual classroom via zoom or simply watch when you get access to the REPLAY!!!
So you can watch this event your leisure. You will receive invaluable business information for just pennies. Simply click on the link below, and then simply click on TICKETS. Then scroll down and choose the $40 VIRTUAL ACCESS option.

Click the link below to get your tickets:

2nd Annual Small Business Week Tickets

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