The 2020 BWP Vision Party was initially going to simply be a VISION BOARD PARTY, but there is so much more available to motivate ourselves and others. We are exploring available options now.

There are various ways to inspire and motivate ourselves throughout the year with encouraging stories, articles and photos, but also INNER FORTITUDE is vital as well.

I’ve had several discussions on how to create an inexpensive platform for speakers and attendees to participate, and I think I have found a way.

(Although there may still be a small fee to cover some basic advertising costs.)

What we want is a seamless and inexpensive way for our talented entrepreneurs, speakers and motivators to have an opportunity to participate in the event in some way.

Everyone is welcome to participate, but we are particularly seeking out speakers and motivators to share what they can for 2020.

We have made this as easy as possible for all to participate with minimal intrusion on personal time as possible.

We also will make it possible to view the Vision Party at your leisure.

So all we need now is our line up of AWESOME INSPIRING SPEAKERS and LEADERS…

Here are some speakers we would love to be in the 2020 BWP Vision Party:

  • Motivational Coach
  • Motivational Speaker
  • Life Coach
  • Mindset Coach
  • New Age, or spiritual work of any kind
  • Hypnosis
  • NLP
  • Holistic Coach.
  • Leadership Coach
  • Lifestyle Coach
  • Fitness Coach
  • Those who are into affirmations
  • Those who teach Law of Attraction.
  • Those who enjoy motivating others.

Sound like you?

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