Today I launched a very interesting project.

I admit I originally got tuned in to THE POWER OF KINDNESS because of the beautiful graphics that come in the resell package. The graphics are superb!

The message also attracted me, there does seem to be a lack of kindness overall in America. So if there is something that can raise the vibration of those around me, why not share this! So here I am sharing this now.

Learn More about The Power of Kindness

Power of Kindness PLANNER

Now available for 2020.

This is a creative PLANNER to help to Remember To Be KIND throughout 2020.

Note: Comes with AWESOME Graphics that you can brand for your own business.

A Very thoughtful gift for any thoughtful entrepreneur!

Order your Planner or Power of Kindness Resell Pack today!

Stay on top of your ACTS of KINDNESS in 2020!

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