Top Reasons Why You Are Not Meeting Your Goals

Top 7 Reasons Why You Fail to Meet Your Goals

From losing weight to launching a business, people often fail to realize their goals. In many cases these goals are attached to lifelong dreams that an individual is very passionate about.

So why is it so difficult to achieve your goals?

Why do you see other people realizing their dreams right and left, while you struggle to do so? It’s not that you are lazy. You have put in plenty of time, read all the goal setting books and taken courses.

If you are spending a lot of time and energy chasing your dreams, you are to be congratulated.

This means you don’t mind working hard to attain a result that is valuable and important to you. What may have slowed you down on the path to realizing your dreams are the following 7 common reasons why people fail to meet important goals they have set for themselves.

1 – You set goals that were impossible for you to achieve.

2 – You think of your goals as negative statements.

3 – Your goals are not written down.

4 – You’re not measuring your progress.

5 – You don’t celebrate small victories.

6 – You are in an environment which is not conducive to you achieving your goals.

7 – Your goals are too vague.



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